Rules of Craps – Why Playing Craps is Easy

Rules of craps are a set of instructions which determines the behavior of players in the game. Craps is considered to be the most exciting and popular online casino game which attracts a number of players both at online and offline casinos worldwide. Players play craps on a special table called “dice” and use two dice. The design of the craps die follows certain requirements and specifications. It must have certain basic requirements like a body with hair and a fat.

rules of craps

Craps refers to an unplayable game, which may result into either a win or a loss. In some casinos, it is sometimes called the stickman’s bargain. This is because in this game the player deals the deal and then looks for the “stickman” which deals with the other deal and so on. Sometimes this may confuse the players leading to a wrong decision.

A player wins when he gets the highest total points in the hat; losing player should get the minimum number of points in the hat. Sometimes the players may play without even looking at the cards on their table. In most of the dice games, players mark off the cards by using indelible ink. In craps table, players replace the cards in the hat by rolling the dice and discarding the result. A person gets the highest score when he ends with more points than others but loose when he loses the same amount of points as others.

Before starting the game, the craps rules are announced loudly. But in some casinos, announcing the rules of craps can be done quietly to avoid confusion. Before placing the bet, players should read thoroughly all the instructions on the card. If they find any mistake in the information then they should immediately tell to the dealer. The object of betting is to make more money. The first person who makes a successful hit is declared the winner and the loser has to get his money returned to him.

When a person wins the bid, the dealer places his winnings in the pot next to the counter, from where he will distribute the prize to the players winning the bid. The people playing craps must not forget that the outcome of the proposition bet depends on the total sum of all their winnings. So, they should always keep track of their winnings. When a person wins a proposition bet, the payout will be transferred to his account and the others should wait for the payout of their winnings to take place.

The rules of craps mentioned above are found in all online casinos where live casinos are also being run. When one wants to bet on craps online, he/she has to follow all these rules. Some of the online casinos do provide their customers with free bonuses to encourage them to become regular gamblers on their site. The bonus is an amount of money which the user can use in any way he/she wants, as he uses craps for money making purposes.