How to Play Craps – Win Big and Lose Small

Craps is probably one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, exciting online betting game ever since the Middle Ages. If you have never played online before and you do not know how to play, now perhaps it is your chance to get introduced. What you read here is your only complete beginners guide you will ever need to master the online game.

If you are new to playing craps, you should know that it is simply a variation on the traditional betting game where one person makes a bet and then another one makes a bet against that same person. The goal of this game is to end up with the pot at the end or at least as close to it as possible. The idea is also to make the person who has the smallest stake (the one with the small “dollars”) the one that has to pay the most to get out of the pot, or the one with the absolute highest stake when everyone has been dealt their hands. In a way, it simulates the way the world works.

One thing you must understand about craps is that there are a lot of people involved. This means there are a lot of different bets, and a lot of people who stand to win and stand to lose. For example, some people will play craps with chips while others will play craps with coins. Then you have those who will bet according to the number of outs (or chips) that they have and those who will place their bets according to the number of people they are playing with at that point in the craps game. The number of outs is an important factor because it sets the limits of both the “cash” side of the table (wherein chips can be won or lost) as well as the “carry” side of the table (wherein actual currency is wagered upon).

Of course, at a certain point, everyone must pass from the table in order for there to be a new dealer and new game started. This is where the pass line comes into play. Whenever anyone gets to pass through the pass line, the dealer will announce that someone has passed through the line and will replace them with a new player. And, if no one gets to pass through the line by the end of the craps game, the game is over and everyone must start again.

As mentioned before, there are two different kinds of betting options that can be used at a craps table. You can either play for your “cash” side or for your carry side. With a cash table, you’re betting for your own chips (your winnings), and with a carry over, which is the same as mentioned above but uses the carry over instead of chips, you’re betting for the other players on your team. Both of these different betting options have their own set of rules and terminology that you should become familiar with before you begin placing any bets at a craps table.

The other way to play craps that we’re going to discuss today is known as the fast-paced style of play. When playing craps with this fast-paced style, you’re betting against the dealer and not for your own chips. This type of craps rules are known to be very fun to play, but can also be very fast-paced, so it’s important that you understand your craps rules before you begin to place your bets. If possible, play for some time with a friend who does not play craps who can act as your guinea pig in the hopes that you may eventually learn to play the fast-paced style of craps. You may also want to play with this style of craps at a friend’s house prior to actually going out to play craps with your own chips.